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scuba diving flag Instructor Opportunities
- We're getting busy and have openings for two qualified Instructors to join our team. Do you have great dive skills & passion for teaching? This could be for you!

Current Openings
Part-Time Positions Available

Below are general and Instructor-specific criteria - please review to see if you qualify.

General criteria:

  • Minimum age 25
  • Teaching status PADI Instructor
  • Minimum 1 year teaching experience with 25 certifications or more
  • Must have experience diving in cold water
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Personal diver protection insurance (DiveAssure or DAN)
  • Must have transportation
  • Must be available 2 weekends per month minimum
  • Non-Smoker
  • Physically fit
Los Angeles Scuba Diving flag Instructor Specific Requirements:

  • Backplate & wing
  • 1st stage & primary 2nd stage regulator with back up 2nd stage regulator on a necklace
  • Depth Gauge/Timing Device (wrist)
  • SPG (not in a console)
  • Compass (wrist)
  • Mask should be low volume; fins should be rigid, non-split
  • Exposure suit appropriate for So Cal diving

Note: Our students are trained using Halcyon backplate/wing systems - you must be comfortable teaching students who are wearing backplate/wing configurations.

Skills (beyond the basics):

  • Demonstrate good buoyancy and trim

  • Demonstrate control and awareness in the water

  • Comfortably demonstrate at least two propulsion techniques

  • Demonstrate a requested skill while neutrally buoyant

Check Out Dive:

Our screening process involves a check-out dive at a local beach. There is no charge for this dive. The purpose is to give you the opportunity to shine - to show your best dive skills and show us how you interact with the people under your control. We ask that you run the dive, including pre-dive sequence, navigation and demonstration of required skills, followed by a debrief.

  • We are looking for instructors who are better than the status quo - could this be you?

  • In return, we offer greater compensation than your average LA dive shop.

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Learn To Scuba Dive Safely With L.A. SCUBA DIVING Learn To Scuba Dive Safely With L.A. SCUBA DIVING L.A. SCUBA DIVING
Learn To Scuba Dive Safely With L.A. SCUBA DIVING

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Learn To Scuba Dive Safely With L.A. SCUBA DIVING Learn To Scuba Dive Today - L.A. SCUBA DIVING
L.A. SCUBA DIVING Learn To Scuba Dive Safely With L.A. SCUBA DIVING PADI Scuba Dive Lessons - L.A. SCUBA DIVING
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