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 GUE Courses: About Global Underwater Explorers

Who is GUE?

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the aquatic realm. Formed by leading explorers, researchers and educators dedicated to having developed the most robust diver training program available, GUE members are also involved in several research and conservation projects around the world.

GUE diver training is very well known globally. The goal of a solid fundamentals skills base for all divers, recreational or technical, as well as adhering to a common standard of diving is of particular interest to many. This goal has resulted in a far reaching impact on the protection and preservation of our environment.

What GUE courses are available with LA SCUBA DIVING?

  • GUE Primer (non-certification course)
    • GUE's Primer is an introduction to GUE training and skills
    • 2 Day Course includes academics, land drills, and ocean training dives
    • Backplate/wing rentals available for this course

  • GUE Drysuit Course
    • Learn drysuit diving safely
    • 2 Day Course includes academics, land drills, and ocean training dives
    • Drysuit & undergarment rentals available for this course

  • GUE Doubles Course
    • 2 Day Course includes academics, land drills, and ocean training dives

  • Recreational Diver Level 1 (beginner course)
    • Level 1- entry level course for learning to dive
    • 8-10 Day class including academics, pool sessions, ocean training dives
    • Includes Nitrox, Advanced Buoyancy Training, Basic Rescue Techniques, Drysuit Training

  • GUE Fundamentals
    • Designed as a skills refinement class focusing on fundamental skills
    • 4-5 Day Class encompassing Academics, Land Drills, & 5 Ocean Training Dives
    • Prerequisite class for Cave and Tech classes
For an in-depth look, please view the video for more information.

For questions or how to enroll in GUE courses, please contact:
Steven Millington / GUE Instructor: 818-749-3483 : steven at gue.com








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